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Feeling stuck in the hospitality grind? Pineapple Square cuts through the noise, offering trusted connections and industry intel at your fingertips. Download, connect, and elevate your game—because you're not just a pro, you're extraordinary
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Where Hospitality Pros Shine Brighter
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Connect with seasoned pros, businesses, and suppliers who know the hospitality industry inside out. Discover top-tier talent and opportunities to elevate your game.
Online Portfolio
Online Portfolio
Curate a personalized portfolio that artfully displays your skills, projects, and industry experience, encapsulating your unique value in the hospitality sector.
Keep your finger on the pulse of the hospitality world. Highlight your own work while drawing inspiration from others' successes and innovations to fuel your future endeavors.
Beyond a simple "hi," our chat feature opens a world of opportunity for genuine collaboration. Share insights, debate concepts, or spark a brand new partnership within the hospitality industry.
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The Heart of What We Do
Your Success, Our Passion in Hospitality
Our mission is to make hospitality not just a job but a lifestyle—cool, easy, and oh-so rewarding. We’re all about elevating your game while keeping things fun and fuss-free.
Served with Experience
At Pineapple Square, we know the hospitality game inside and out because we've lived it. We're your behind-the-scenes pals, crafting an app where you can shine, connect, and make some magic happen. Want to meet the dream team turning the tables in the hospitality industry?
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Stirred, Not Shaken
Our members speak out about how they're mixing it up with Pineapple Square.
Octavian Ghindea
Octavian Ghindea
After 10 years as a chef, I thought I'd seen it all. Then came Pineapple Square. It has been a refreshing space to connect, share, and grow even if I was not so active in the business lately. I found inspiration for my food truck. It added a new flavor to my culinary journey!
Andreea Haiduc
Andreea Haiduc
Pineapple Square has been great for me. I've learned a lot, met some amazing people in the industry, and found new opportunities just like the latest gig I took as a waiter at a wedding. It's a must for anyone in Hospitality.
Cosmin Herpuț
Cosmin Herpuț
Administrator at Inox Line Horeca
Pineapple Square has been a great tool for my business. Easy to use, it helped me connect with the right people in Hospitality. I was looking for somebody on our sales team for months and I found the perfect fit on Pineapple which, soon after, also got us 2 new customers. I highly recommend it to anyone serious in the industry.
Govor Ionut
Govor Ionut
Pineapple Square is fantastic. I've connected with fellow bartenders, picked up tips, and even found some new opportunities. I found mentorship and even got a new job! Every new bartender should check it out.
Hulea Alex
Hulea Alex
Former Bartender & Current Sales Rep
After 6 years behind the bar, I thought I knew everything about the Hospitality scene. Then I joined Pineapple Square. Not only has it helped me seamlessly transition into my new role as a sales rep for a Hospitality equipment supplier, but I also found insights and connections I never imagined.
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