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Meet the Pineapple Square Team: Your Hospitality Insiders

From Bartenders to Venue owners & Chefs, we've been in your shoes.
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Nichita Herpuț
Nichita Herpuț
CEO & Co-Founder
  • 2y at Hotelschool The Hague
  • 4y in Commercial Kitchen & Bar Eq. Business Dev & Sales
  • Co-Founder at OptiOffer - Commercial Kitchen & Bar Price Quoting SaaS and Marketplace
Răzvan Radu
Răzvan Radu
CDO - Chief Design Officer
  • MBA in Arts
  • 20y Designer
  • Founder at Realeye 360 (design & photo studio)
  • 10y in the film industry
  • Experienced in AD, Prod. Designer, Art Director.
Tavi Ghindea
Tavi Ghindea
  • 1y Chef
  • 1y Bartender
  • 7y Front End Developer
  • 2y Hardware Technician

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